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Broken Garage Door Springs

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new garage door springs
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Know The Difference

Did you know not all garage door springs are the same? Most common springs circulating the garage door repair market are low cycle. At Protech we provide and install garage door springs that exceed industry standards leaving you with a quality replacement that will last many years to come. A broken garage door spring is one of the most common problems home owners face with the operation of their garage door and the counterbalance system that moves that garage door.

Made In The U.S.A.

At Protech we can proudly say our garage door springs are American made and locally sourced. The only garage spring replacement you will ever need just got better with options to extend the life cycle of each garage door spring! Springs can be made to order with custom coatings that extend the life of a spring by up to 1.5x bringing some of our longest lasting springs life cycle to an astounding 60,000 cycles.  Our ability to provide top of the line garage door services accompanied with industry leading garage door parts gives us the confidence to apply lifetime warranties on qualifying purchases.

Unnecessary Damage

The importance of a working counterbalance system can not be stressed enough. Keeping up with regular maintenance is crucial to prevent failure of key components such as garage door openers and electronics. Replacing broken and worn garage door torsion system parts can prevent costly repairs down the road. At Protech we recommend servicing and inspecting the garage door and garage door systems annually.

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